The Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN); also known as Caritas Nigeria is the specialised agency of the Catholic Church in Nigeria for coordinating development and Humanitarian interventions. Since its establishment in 2010 by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), Caritas Nigeria has reached millions of  beneficiaries  and communities across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Caritas Nigeria is a member of Caritas Internationalis, a global confederation of 166 member nations that shares in the common vision of being the outreach of the Church to those in need.

Caritas Nigeria Delta State Team supported the Delta State TB and Leprosy Control Program (STLCP) to successfully complete three (3) TB Clinic Lab Interface Continuous Quality Improvement (TB CLIQ) workshops and DiCE (Diagnostic Cascade Evaluation) assessments.

There has been a significant improvement in TB indices in the state over the past quarter of 2021 and the state team is committed to sustaining this through the rest of the fiscal year. 

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