The Good Governance Portfolio evolved from the Think Tank Group of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria

(being one of the thematic areas of the Think Tank), a body that had done so much to give the church a voice and facilitate her position on social, economic and political issues in the country.

With the coming of Caritas Nigeria, the unit formally took off in 2014 and was reorganized to coordinate the good governance interventions of Caritas Nigeria both at the National and Diocesan levels through enhancing the capacity of the Church to supports quality interventions in transparency, accountability and sustainable development, in line with the Catholic Social Teaching.

Specific areas of interventions included: National Assembly Monitoring; Policy Advocacy (both at the National and Diocesan levels); Civic Education (voters and citizens’ rights); Peace building; and, Gender Mainstreaming. 

Interventions revolve around integral human development and deploy several approaches as is necessary. Most of them are short-term. 

Good Governance activities are funded majorly by CAFOD, Caritas Nigeria, CBCN and EU.

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