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Psychologically traumatized mother of 3 now stable and thriving

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Saratu Thomas is another beneficiary of the Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC), from Watu community in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State. Saratu suffers from psychological trauma, resulting from the Boko Haram attacks in her village, which led to the loss of the livelihoods of her family and all they owned.

Before the Caritas Nigeria intervention, Saratu who lives with her husband and three children had no means of livelihood, she only lived on the hopes that her relatives may support her and her family to build their lives again. With nothing to live on, most times she and her husband would have to skip meals so that their children could feed.

With the intervention on Protection and Assistance to Persons of Concern through Livelihood Support, her life has greatly improved. Saratu is receiving psychosocial support and has participated in the skills acquisition activities of Caritas Nigeria, where she was trained on how to make traditional caps and was given a start-up grant. She now makes traditional caps from the funds she received and sells them to make a profit. She makes a profit of N5,000 on each cap she produces.
Seeing that her cap making business was growing, she was able to begin saving some of her profit in SILC, while supporting her husband with the proceeds as well. Saratu has also diversified into poultry farming.

Saratu considers herself and her household as successful because they are now able to afford decent meals and their lives have improved for the better. She is happy and thankful to Caritas Nigeria for the support and intervention which has been impactful on her and members of her community. In her words, she stated, “Only God will provide your needs, protect you and your organization and those who supported us with the things you gave us”.
Saratu has become a mentor in her local community, training young girls in cap making.

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