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The journey from begging to becoming a successful entrepreneur

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Kelly Auwal, is a mother of three children, from Wuro Patuji community of Mubi North Adamawa. She is a member of the Alheri Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) group, who benefited from the financial literacy training aimed at supporting Income Generating Activities (IGA) of the beneficiaries.

Recounting her journey to success, Auwal stated, “I took a loan of N5,000 and engaged in the petty trading business. With the knowledge gained on IGA Financial literacy training, I was able to expand my business” Kelly Auwal buys a small bag of beans, sells in retail to other local businesses and makes a profit of N1,700 weekly. Armed with the knowledge gained from the training and with the profit she makes, she has diversified her business to include the sale of food items. With proceeds from her business, she also saves weekly in their SILC group and caters for her family needs.

Before the Caritas Nigeria intervention, Kelly Auwal was a woman who fled the insurgency attack in her home town, to a far community, for fear of further attacks in her community. Her home and means of livelihoods were destroyed. She had lost everything and believed all hope was gone. She fed on hand to mouth and had the most difficult coping strategy to feed her children. They fed mostly on unripe fruits and lived off of begging for food items from the community she ran to. She and her family slept on the bare floor in uncompleted buildings.

However, with the coming of the Caritas Nigeria intervention, her community members communicated her ordeals to the Project Team and pleaded that she be registered to receive support from the project. The intervention has so far changed her life completely for the better. In her words, Auwal stated, “I cannot thank you for what you have done for us but only God can meet your needs. Thank you very much”.
This project which is the “Emergency/Early Recovery Food Security and Livelihoods Programme for communities affected by Insurgency in Borno and Adamawa States”, it is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with support from Caritas Norway.

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