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Inspiring story of a mother with nine daughters, thrown out of her home Featured

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The story of 45-year-old Happy Tanko is a stirring yet inspiring one: a mother of nine female children, Happy was relishing the comfort of her amiable household, until her husband sent her away, along with their children, on the grounds that their marriage had yet to produce a male child.

From then onwards, she endured terribly rough times with her promising young children as she could barely provide for their basic needs.

Amid their toils and despair, the UNHCR-funded livelihoods support project emerged in the nick of time and unarguably became the needed silver lining to Happy’s situation. Upon identification by Caritas Nigeria, she was instantly registered under the vocational skills acquisition component of the project and empowered with tailoring skills. Sequel to her impressive completion of the training, she was handed a sewing machine, with which she quickly commercialized her skills. Interestingly,  her newly acquired craft spread like wildfire around her locality, as neighbours massively patronized her for their tailoring needs. In no time, she made a record profit of NGN10,000 from sewing twelve dresses, paid her monthly rent instalment, and stocked her home with food.

A resilient and restored Happy excitedly revealed to the Caritas Nigeria team, her plans of sending her daughter to a tertiary institution from her earnings. “I am happy that, now, I can pay my monthly rent without harassment and can feed my children well. With the continuous help of the Almighty, I am hopeful that I will purchase a tertiary institution’s entry form so that my daughter can advance her studies,” she announced.

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