Godswill Godiya a 28 month-old baby who was suffering from malnourishment was brought in to Caritas SC in Shani by his 25years old Mother, Lucy Godiya who is from Duwa Community in Adamawa state on the 30th Jan, 2019.

Godswill was confirmed to have malnutrition, which had caused severe weight loss following previous episodes of diarrhea, vomiting, fever and loss of appetite. There was associated cough, peeling of the skin and fluid discharge and his eyes were shut and swollen. He was so irritable, inactive, pale and dehydrated. 

Being a healthy baby until after he was weaned, his mother came seeking for medical help, but only after they had exhausted traditional medicine treatment. 

Godswill was immediately attended to by the medical team on arrival. He was gradually rehydrated and placed on medications while being kept warm using the survival blanket. His vital signs were monitored two hourly while he was on admission at the SC Caritas for 25 days.

His Mother who kept on practicing nutritional food processing gave credence to her child’s health and made sure she followed up for proper improvement towards his health.

“I believed in God to bring back my son to normalcy, I was confident when I stepped into the Stabilization Center and knew that with the care and support of the Caritas Nigeria SC team my child will recover. I thank Caritas Nigeria for this intervention; I now practice better young child feeding practices as we were taught at the center. These are his Mother’s words.

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