Monitoring and supervisory visit for the FASTER Project

A Joint Monitoring and Supervision visit by the combined team of the Delta State AIDS & STI Control Program (SASCP), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), and Caritas Nigeria was carried out in the month of August 2021 to some facilities in Delta State to assess and strengthen interventions that the FASTER project is supporting, identify gaps and develop mitigation measures in the facilities.

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Delta emerges pilot state for CDC recency program in Nigeria

As countries move closer to epidemic control of the HIV pandemic, real-time monitoring of Recent HIV Infections (defined as an HIV infection acquired within the last 12 months), now makes it possible for public health response to be directed at locations and sub-populations where high levels of transmissions are occurring.

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Caritas Nigeria supports Delta State TB and Leprosy Control Program

Caritas Nigeria Delta State Team supported the Delta State TB and Leprosy Control Program (STLCP) to successfully complete three (3) TB Clinic Lab Interface Continuous Quality Improvement (TB CLIQ) workshops and DiCE (Diagnostic Cascade Evaluation) assessments.

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