Historically Health has been a key component of the Church’s mandate and has remained core in Caritas Nigeria's activities right from inception.

The Health portfolio focuses on interventions that promote the wellness of every individual and integral human development with a focus on both communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases as well as maternal and newborn children.

Caritas Nigeria leverages the existing structure of the Church in her programming. This provides her with tremendous capacity to implement programs in hundreds of primary and secondary health facilities scattered all across the country.

Interventions are delivered by teams broken into different Program Areas or health sub-specialties including Program Management; Grants; Clinical; Care and Treatment; Adherence/Prevention; Laboratory Services; OVC; Strategic Information; Pharmacy and Supply Chain Management.

 States Covered

Communities Reached

Health Spotlight

Monday, 03 June 2024 14:03

In a bid to combat tuberculosis among adults and children, Caritas Nigeria, in collaboration with the Abia State Ministry of Health through the support of Ihv Nigeria, has initiated a life-saving...

The two-day Biannual Stakeholder Engagement meeting organized by U.S. CDC Nigeria concluded with a review of the progress made in state-led HIV response initiatives. During the presentations,...

Monday, 22 April 2024 09:08

To ensure that marginalized populations have equitable access to HIV care, treatment, and support services, our team in Enugu State recently trained patient tracking and retention personnel, who...

Monday, 25 March 2024 13:18

Last week 22nd of March 2024, Caritas Nigeria's Tuberculosis (TB) project team in Enugu State met with the South Saharan Social Development Organization and other community-based organizations...

Monday, 25 March 2024 12:55

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